Los Cabos Children's Medical Campus


The Teleton Children's Rehabilitation and Inclusion Center (CRIT) will be the first phase of the children’s campus. The CRIT is a comprehensive rehabilitation center that focuses on the entire family unit that aims for the attainment of functional independence in activities of daily living, as well social and educational inclusion. These centers where developed by Fundacion Teleton Mexico in 1999. Today, there is one CRIT in Baja California Sur located in the city of La Paz, and 26 more centers spread across the country that provide support to over 110,000 Mexican families.

A conversation with Dr. Maria Elena Lerma.
CRIT Baja California Sur Director


The 27th CRIT will be built in Los Cabos. It will provide specialized pediatric rehabilitation services to children with neuro-musculoskeletal disabilities, by using state of the art equipment operated by highly trained professionals.

Goal: 12 million USD

AMOUNT RAISED: $7,950,000.00 USD0%
60 %

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