BCS Community Alliance

El Dorado Foundation is a proud founding member of the Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA).
The BCSCA is a coalition of more than 200 nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and businesses, formed in response to the medical supply shortage and food crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

During the first 8 months of the pandemic, the BCSCA delivered food aid to more than 97,000 families, which equates to 400,000 people (almost half the population of Baja California Sur). In total, the Alliance delivered over 215,000 food baskets door to door during the height of the pandemic.
The BCSCA also delivered supplies to 28 institutions including the Red Cross in Los Cabos and La Paz, and the COVID treatment hospitals run by the BCS Health Ministry, IMSS and ISSSTE, all of which offer free or affordable health services to the people of Baja California Sur.