These are some of the experiences of members, donors, collaborators, volunteers, friends and beneficiaries.


EP. 07

A conversation with Dr. Maria Elena Lerma.
CRIT Baja California Sur Director



EP. 06

A conversation with Mark Human
President of the Foundation Board



EP. 05

A conversation with "Nacho" Ignacio Peñaloza
Teleton Bus driver



EP. 04

Irvin Camacho, 10 years on...
El Dorado Foundation beneficiary



EP. 03

A conversation with Dicko Gephard
Stars & Stripes Tournament



EP. 02

A conversation with Justin Marano
El Dorado - Sales



EP. 01

A conversation with Jay Beckman
El Dorado Sales Director

When everyone gets involved, we will make big changes together! 

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible"


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