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Imagine a child you love facing a health challenge. Shayna’s family lived through this when their son Lincoln experienced complications at birth. Lincoln, the reason for Shayna’s advocacy, defied expectations. Told he might never walk or talk, he now thrives, a testament to love, dedication, hard work, and most crucially – access. They faced uncertainty, tears, and numerous appointments. But unlike many families in Cabo, Shayna’s family had resources; these families do not. What if we could change their narrative?

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Pediatric Medical Care Gap

Currently, Los Cabos lacks local pediatric medical care. Thanks to a generous land donation, the El Dorado and Chileno Bay Foundations and others have raised 9 million of the 14 million needed for a new facility.

Shayna asks for your help to bridge the gap of the remaining 5 million by giving to our short-term goal of 2 million before the end of March.
Shayna doesn’t make this request lightly. Having immersed herself in the Cabo community, she confidently says the facility will rival many in the US. If you’re moved to contribute, you can make a tax-deductible donation directly to the El Dorado and Chileno Bay Foundationn.

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and together we can change the world."

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In collaboration with BILLY Footwear, 15% of every purchase will be donated to the foundation.

In memory of Warren Damschen

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Others, 

Thank you for allowing me to share with you about the upcoming Cabo Pediatric Medical Facility.  It will be life changing for Los Cabos and it is my heart’s desire to be a part of something so extraordinary.  Please know the length of this message only speaks to the importance and I appreciate your time more than you know.  I have fallen in love with Cabo and am in awe of God’s beauty every time I visit.  Many of you know me well, but for those of you who do not, giving back is my passion.  Last year I had the pleasure of working beside the Chileno Bay Foundation for the first-time exploring areas of Cabo that most people do not venture into.  When I use the words impoverished and heartbreaking, these do not even begin to describe the need in the community.  Mix those emotions with the complete joy of spending time with children who have nothing, and you realize how life changing an experience can be.  Watching our son beside me was priceless and I knew together, we were meant for more in 2024!

I am going to ask you for a moment, to imagine.  Imagine a child you love.  Imagine that child (yours or someone close to you) being diagnosed with special needs, a disability, cancer, heart failure, lung, or liver issues, _____ fill in the blank with lieu of diagnosis.  My family has been on the receiving end of such news.  It is heartbreaking, scary, unknown, and followed by so many questions. Now imagine there is no pediatric medical care within three hours of you.  You cannot afford to take time off work, even if you could take one day, you would spend over six hours traveling on public transportation not including the time needed for appointments, therapy, or treatments.  This is not sustainable day after day.  You have no extra money and are now forced to make a choice.  Give your child in need every chance to thrive or provide a home and necessities for your entire family.

Our family has lived half of this story, something we do not share often, yet feels imperative in this setting.  Our amazing son Lincoln experienced a stroke in utero and many complications upon delivery, and in his first year of life.  Doctors had no answers of why this happened with a healthy pregnancy, and we spent multiple hours in offices listening to medical professionals tell us worse case, grim scenarios.  As first-time parents, this was overwhelming, defeating and many tears were shed.  This is where our story differs from the scenario above.  We started researching, networking, and deciding that Lincoln would be given every opportunity at a typical life.  Many of you know Jason, and he was not taking “worst case” as an answer.  I, having a career in the medical field at Mayo Clinic, took on the challenge of navigating over six specialists, three types of therapy, multiple appointments a week, insurance and any other roadblock that came our way.  We’ve had speedbumps, but a child who was told he would never walk or talk, now talks too much (insert laughter), loves school, runs, surfs, plays basketball with his friends and is thriving in his environment – because of love, dedication, hard work and access.

Lincoln is our reason!  He is why I am here to show you how together we can make a difference and change the lives of so many families and children in Los Cabos.  Our family had resources, access, and support.  These families do not.  What if we could change the narrative?

Los Cabos currently has no pediatric medical care locally.  The Chileno Bay Foundation, Teleton and other local organizations are striving for change.  Working together they have raised 9 million of the 14 million needed.  The land for the facility has also been donated by Frondoso, a local Cabo family.  Humbly we ask you to read our personal story, ask questions and understand why we are advocating for world renowned care in our Cabo community.  Help us bridge the gap of the remaining 5 million by giving to our short-term goal of raising 2 million before the end of March. I do not take such an ask lightly. I have spent my time in the Cabo community, visiting a sister facility in La Paz, talking to the medical director, watching families in need, researching, networking, and asking pertinent questions.  Having lived in a medical world, I confidently can tell you the facility in Cabo will be nicer than many I have experienced in the US.  We would all be proud to be a part of it.  In fact, I wish it was in Austin for Lincoln to use, it is that amazing!

For those interested in partnering with our family, you can donate directly to the Chileno Bay Foundation. You can access the contribution information below my signature or by clicking here. Your donation qualifies for a tax deduction, and you will receive a receipt for your files from them. You can also visit our fundraising campaign webpage for more information including progress towards our goal – click here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  As a mom, I am proud to be dedicating this project in honor of Lincoln, our world – the hardest working boy I know.  He has overcome adversity, is a true miracle and a bright light to all who know him.  I am also dedicating this project in memory of my dad, Warren Damschen who has been gone ten years this January, three short months after Lincoln was born.  He was an amazing father, who believed in and told me I can do anything!  Forever missed, loved, and never forgotten – we are spreading hope dad!  I will be ending the campaign at the end of March, my 40th birthday month, and cannot wait to give our gift to those in need.  This will be my best birthday yet!

Last, I want to acknowledge a collaboration with Billy Footwear, an adaptive shoe line our family has used personally and highly recommend.  After reaching out to them and sharing my vision, they were thrilled to be involved and donate shoes to kids in need.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and together we can change the world” (Ronald J. Sider).

Shayna Vedadi
On behalf of the Vedadi Family


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